Residency Program Graduates

Class of 2018

Ray Abinader, MD - Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship, Eastern Virgina Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia
Jessica Miller Mullinix, MD - St. Joseph/Candler Medical Group, Savannah, Georgia (Private Practice)
Melissa Parks, DO - Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology Fellowship, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona
Mae Winchester MD - Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship, University of Kansas, Kansas City, Kansas

Class of 2017

Christina Baraty, MD - About Women Ob/Gyn, Woodbridge, Virginia (Private Practice)
Alexandra DiMatteo, MD - Boulder Medical Center, Boulder, Colorado (Private Practice)
Katherine Weyer, MD - Women's Health Associates, Portland, Oregon (Private Practice)
Catherine Wilkes, MD - Obstetrics & Gynecology Association, Stamford, Connecticut (Private Practice)

Class of 2016

Ibrahim Hammad, MD - Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship, Unviersity of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, Utah (Academic)
Dorothy Miller Parsley, MD - Tidewater Physicians for Women, Norfolk, Virginia (Private Practice)
Olubunmi Olude, MD - Center for Women's Health, Richmond, Texas (Private Practice)
Giselle Torres, MD - The Women's Center for Excellence, Orlando, Florida (Private Practice)

Class of 2015

Emily Myer, MD - Urogynecology Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland (Academic)
Sarah Salamon, MD - Tidewater Physicians for Women, Norfolk, Virginia (Private Practice)
Marie Shockley, MD - Minimally Invasive Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic Florida, Weston, Florida (Academic)
Carolyn Wood Siegele, MD - Women's Healthcare Associates, LLC, Newberg, Oregon (Private Practice)

Class of 2014

Colleen Connor, MD - Tidewater Physicians for Women, Norfolk, Virginia (Private Practice)
Kathleen Dorfler Heim, MD - Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut (Academic)
Lea Porche, MD - Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia (Academic)
Gloria Too, MD - Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, New York (Academic)

Class of 2013

Courtney Angell, MD - Saint Joseph Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri (Private Practice)
Susan Arogyasami, MD - Rocky Mountain Women's Health Center, Layton, Utah (Private Practice)
Shilpa Babbar, MD - Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship, University of Missouri Kansas City (Academic)
Kay Waud, MD - Reproductive Endocrincology and Infertility Fellowship, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia (Academic)

Class of 2012

Adam Duke, MD - AAGL Fellowship, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (Academic)
Darine Moukalled, MD - Riverside Medical Group, Newport News, Virginia (Private Practice)
Jennifer Reason, DO - Riverside Shore OBGYN, Nassawadox, Virginia (Private Practice)
Lucy Rice, MD - Banner Churchill Medical Group, Fallon, Nevada (Private Practice)

Class of 2011

Allyson Hilliard, MD - Southpointe OBGYN, Fredericksburg, Virginia (Private Practice)
Melissa March, MD - MFM Fellowship, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts (Academic)
Norie Sadjadi, MD - Beaver Medical Group, Redlands, California (Private Practice)
Jenny Wang, MD - Department of OBGYN, University of Tennessee HSC, Memphis (Academic)

Class of 2010

Shyrlena Bogard, MD - Illinois Valley Community Hospital, Peru, Illinois (Private Practice)
Stephanie Hutchison, MD - Kings Daughters Medical Center, Ashland Kentucky (Private Practice)
Obiamaka Mora, MD - McDaniel & Durrett Gynecology, Atlanta, Georgia (Private Practice)
Lacy Long Windham, MD - Life Circle Women's Health, Cleveland, Tennessee (Private Practice)