Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship

Our division at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) is staffed by nine dynamic full time MFM faculty members with expertise in diverse areas of high-risk obstetrics. The supporting staff includes seventeen sonographers, including six fetal echo certified sonographers, five genetic counselors, four certified diabetic educators, five nurse practitioners, three physician assistants, and three research coordinators.

The unique features of the MFM fellowship at EVMS include:

  • Extensive experience with prenatal ultrasonography, including fetal echocardiography, Doppler ultrasound and fetal cardiovascular assessment
  • Comprehensive experience in medical and surgical complications of obstetrics.  The senior fellow co-directs the placenta accreta clinic and with faculty and fellows perform all surgical cases.
  • Rotations scheduled so that each fellow has 12 months of uninterrupted research time to ensure completion of their thesis before graduation
  • Experience with invasive procedures, including CVS, amniocentesis, cordocentesis, and fetal transfusions, and other fetal interventions.
  • Clinical Skill Simulation labs for invasive procedures
  • Possible involvement in obstetric care in developing countries

Annually, our practice sees:

  • 31,000 obstetric and gynecologic sonographic examinations
  • 2500 fetal echocardiogram
  • 3,200 genetic consultations
  • 3,800 deliveries
  • 1,300 antenatal admissions
  • 650 maternal transports
  • 450 pregestational diabetics

Our research activities during the last three years include:

  • 96 Presentations at national meetings
  • 73 Peer-reviewed publications (1.9 publications per month for the last 39 consecutive months)
  • 12 Awards at national meetings

The program coordinates education and training for fellows through hands-on, supervised ultrasound scanning with international experts in the field, direct involvement with medical and surgical high risk obstetrics, and a multitude of conferences on all aspects of maternal-fetal medicine.