Electives - Acting Internship - High Risk Obstetics

Course Number: OBG402

Offered by:
Suneet P. Chauhan. MD
Department of Ob/Gyn
Hofheimer Hall, Third Floor
Norfolk, VA 23507
(757) 446-7900

Location: SNGH and Hofheimer Hall
Periods Offered: July-May
Duration: 4 weeks
Number of Students: 1
Student Level: 4th Year
Night Call: Yes
Prerequisite: Senior Student

Report First Day: Maternal-Fetal Medicine Office at Hofheimer Hall, third floor

Course Description: The student will participate in the care of the high-risk obstetrical patient, working directly with the faculty members of the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and the residents on the Academic Obstetrics Service at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. In-patient care is stressed. However, the student will attend patients at a weekly high-risk clinic and participate in outpatient genetic counseling and amniocentesis. At the completion of the elective, the student should have an understanding of the approach to diagnosis (including special laboratory and ultrasound) and decision-making in complicated obstetrics.

Distribution of Student’s Effort: Patient Contact: 80% Inpatient; 20% Outpatient; 6 hrs/wk rounds; 5 hrs/wk conferences; 10 hrs/wk study/reading time; 6 hrs/wk faculty contact time

  1. Objectives
    1. Preterm Labor
    2. Premature Rupture of Membranes
    3. Hypertensive Disease
    4. Diabetes in Pregnancy
  2. To become familiar and have hand-on experience with a portable, real-time ultrasound unit as used in obstetrics.
  3. To attend to patients in a high-risk clinic and present their cases at conference.

Evaluation: 35% oral exam/case presentation; 65% clinical observation