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2016-2017 News

June 2017 Recognition:

Congratulations to the class of 2017!

IM Class of 2017

May 2017 Recognition:


April 2017 Recognition:

Congratulations to our National ACP resident, Dr. Nick Fuerst (PGY1), who was invited to present his poster in San Diego, CA.

March 2017 Recognition:

Congratulation to the below Residents, and their Mentors, on being selected to present posters at the Virginia Chapter of the American College of Physicians meeting!

As well, congratulations to Dr. Sami Tahhan on being voted as ACP Outstanding Teacher for Eastern Virginia Medical School Internal Medicine!

Dr. Ali Ahmed (PGY2) and Dr. B. Mitchell Goodman III (Internal Medicine Program Director) presenting: "The Frenchman Sepsis - A forgotten disease".

Dr. Gretchen Brayman (PGY3) and Dr. Sami Tahhan (Internal Medicine Associate Professor) presenting: "Underneath the ink: a unique case of sarcoidosis".

Dr. Tharini Gunapal (PGY3) and Dr. L. Beth Gadkowski (Internal Medicine Associate Professor) presenting: "The Golden Masquerader: A Case of Empyema Necessitans cause by Actinomyces".

Dr. Mit Patel (PGY3) attended the Regional conference as the State of Virginia Jeopardy Representative; the National ACP Conference will take place in San Diego, from March 30th through April 1st.

Internal Medicine at the regional 2017 ACP conference

February 2017 Recognition:


January 2017 Recognition:


December 2016 Recognition:


November 2016 Recognition:

Congratulation to Dr. DeVon Preston, class of 2016, for his highly recognized research on Odds of having asthma 53 percent higher in food deserts, which he initiated while a resident at EVMS, and was presented at the national American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology meeting in November 2016. DeVon is currently completing a fellow pursuing a Allergy fellow at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Virginia Academy of Sleep Medicine Conference in Richmond. EVMS was well represented with several outstanding lecturers and 2 scientific posters. Poster on pulmonary byresearch assistant, Shane Gill, with the help of Libby Hossain. IM resident Tiffany Tsang won second place in the poster competition!

Congratulations to Dr. Sill, Dr. Tiffany Tsang (PGY 2) and Shane Gill for participating in the Virginia Academy of Sleep Medicine Conference, where Dr. Tsang took second place for her poster!

October 2016:

2016 Faculty Recognition Awards

Congratulations to the following Honorees for the 2016 Faculty Recognition Awards:

  • Jody P. Boggs, MD, Faculty Award for Rising Star
  • Tina D. Cunningham, PhD, Faculty Award for Rising Star
  • David C. Lieb, MD, Faculty Philanthropy Champion Award
  • Margarita deVeciana, MD, Faculty Award for Community Service
  • Paul E. Marik, MD, Faculty Award for Mentoring
  • Marissa C. Galicia-Castillo, MD, Faculty Award for Excellence
  • Woong-Ki Kim, PhD, Faculty Award for Excellence
  • Agatha Parks-Savage, EdD, Faculty Award for Excellence
  • Francis L. Counselman, MD, Faculty Award for Outstanding Achievement

Congratulations to Dr.David Johnson, EVMS chief of gastroenterology for his medical knowledge and expertise, which was utilized in the
Health & Medicine section of the Virginian Pilot on Sunday, October 30th. You can read the article, "
A colonoscopy before age 50? Here's what young people need to know about colon cancer screening", written by Laura Michalski, by clicking HERE.

September 2016 Recognition:

Congratulations to Dr. Paul Marik for winning the national ACP award for outstanding educator of residents and fellows! Will be presented the award in San Diego in March 2017.

August 2016 Recognition:

Congratulations to the Diabetes & Endocrinology specialty, at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, for being nationally ranked as by the U.S. News & World Report! EVMS faculty help staff SNGH — the top-rated hospital in Virginia — and its diabetes & endocrinology program.

July 2016 Recognition:

Congratulations to Ms. Chrisandra Knight for receiving the July Chairman's Appreciation Award.

Published Content: 


Parth J. Parekh, Edward C. Oldfield, and David A. Johnson. "New Antiplatelet and Anticoagulant Agents: Towards Recognition and Reduction of Gastrointestinal Harm". Frontiers in Cardiovascular Drug Discovery, 2016, Vol. 3, 3-35.

Parth J. Parekh, Edward C. Oldfield, and David A. Johnson. "Current Strategies to Reduce Gastrointestinal Bleeding Risk Associated with Antiplatelet Agents." Drugs 75.14 (2015): 1613-1625. Print.

Edward C. Oldfield IV (PGY 1, class of 2018), and David A. Johnson, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA, USA, and others - Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs): Prevalence of Use, Effectiveness and Implications for Clinicians- Chapter Four: Reported Complications of Proton Pump Inhibitor Use: An Update for the Clinician

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