Internal Medicine Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff in the Department of Internal Medicine are proven leaders in their fields who have won numerous awards for scholarly activity and quality patient care. Devoted to teaching, the faculty actively participate in research projects, rotations and didactic sessions with the residents. Teaching is focused on up-to-date, evidence-based medicine, providing our residents with an exceptional knowledge base and clinical skill set. 

The qualifications of the staff encompass general or primary-care internal medicine, diabetes and endocrinology, geriatrics, pulmonary and critical care, sleep medicine, and infectious diseases and AIDS.

Department Leadership

Jerry L. Nadler , MD , FAHA, MACP

    • Title:
    • Internal Medicine Chairman & Vice Dean of Research

    • Location:
    • Hofheimer Hall

James G. Dixon , MD

Benjamin M. Goodman , MD

Jody P. Boggs , MD

Jennifer Lynn Ryal , MD

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General Internal Medicine Faculty

Thomas J. Manser , MD

Mark C. Flemmer , MD

Jennifer L. Knips , MD

Kathleen P. McEntee , MD

Sami G. Tahhan , MD

Otarod Bahrani , MD

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Glennan Center Faculty

Robert M. Palmer , MD

Madeline L. Dunstan , MS

    • Title:
    • Associate Director, Clinical Education

    • Location:
    • Hofheimer Hall

M.C. Galicia-Castillo , MD , MSEd, CMD, FACP, AGSF

Mily J. Kannarkat , MD

Deborah A. Morris , MD

Hamid R. Okhravi , MD

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Infectious Diseases Faculty

Edward C. Oldfield , MD

Catherine Jane F. Derber , MD

Ronald W. Flenner , MD

Nancy M. Khardori , MD , PhD, FACP, FIDSA

Geraldine A. Stott , MD

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Pulmonary & Critical Care Faculty

Paul Marik, MD

Paul E. Marik , MD , FCCP, FCCM

White Coat

Michael H. Hooper , MD , MSc

    • Title:
    • Assoc Dean, Clinical Education & Assoc Professor

    • Location:
    • Hofheimer Hall
Alexander Levitov, MD

Alexander B. Levitov , MD , FCCM, FACP, RDCS

Joshua Sill, MD

Joshua M. Sill , MD , FACP, FCCP

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Sleep Disorder Center Faculty

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Strelitz Diabetes Center Faculty

Aaron I. Vinik , MD , PhD, FCP, MACP

Cheryl D. Almirante , MD

Romesh K. Khardori , MD , PhD, MB, FACP

David C. Lieb , MD

Kaiwen Ma , PhD

Maggie Morris-Biomedical Sciences PhD

Margaret A. Morris , PhD

Henri K. Parson , PhD

Donald W. Richardson , MD

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Deborah M. Lucas

    • Title:
    • Residency Program Specialist II

    • Location:
    • Hofheimer Hall
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