Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellowship

Stipend Rates & Benefits

The Stipend Schedules are approved by the EVMS Graduate Medical Education Council and reviewed annually and adjustments made as economic situations allow. The 2018-2019 schedule is outlined below:


4th postgraduate year

  • Post Graduate Year 4 - $58,913

5th postgraduate year

  • Post Graduate Year 5 - $60,413

6th postgraduate year

  • Post Graduate Year 6 - $61,910

7th postgraduate year

  • Post Graduate Year 7 - $63,565


For further information, please visit https://www.evms.edu/education/gme/stipend_rates_benefits/ or contact the Office of Graduate Medical Education at 757-446-6190.

Health Insurance: A health insurance plan is provided at no cost to the fellow. Fellows may add coverage for a spouse and/or minor dependents through a cost-sharing program. Information regarding the plans is provided in the New Resident Orientation materials. The premium for the least expensive plan is provided by the Eastern Virginia Medical School. If the fellow chooses an alternative plan, the difference between the least costly plan and the plan chosen will be the responsibility of the fellow, and the cost will be automatically deducted from the monthly stipend check. The major plans provide hospital, medical and major medical benefits to the trainee. Coverage begins on the first day of the contract month and ceases on the last day of the contract period. An optional dental plan is available. The entire premium for the dental plan is the responsibility of the trainee.

Professional Liability Insurance, Life insurance, Disability Insurance information and any further information may be obtained by contacting the Department of Human Resources at 757-446-6043.