Resident Life


Internship Year

The internship is the hardest year among the three, but be assured that you will have lots of fun. Every day is a learning day. Intern survival lectures in the first few days of internship, in addition to one month of orientation, prepare the interns to be more self-sufficient and comfortable conducting their daily tasks. Faculty and senior residents are always available, supportive and friendly.


Monthly resident support group, with our behavioral medicine faculty, provides a secure and supporting environment to commiserate about stressors, both in the hospital and outside. ‌


 Residency Years 2 and 3

The next two years of residency are totally different. Residents will have more responsibilities in supervising interns and teaching medical students. Hours are more flexible and residents spend three to four half days at GFM seeing their continuity patients. Residents have more spare time to enjoy Hampton Roads.