Sports Medicine


The Ghent Family Medicine sports medicine tailored experience is designed to provide residents with an interest primary care sports medicine additional knowledge and skills in order to prepare them to provide improved services.  Residents who choose sports medicine will be encouraged to choose a research topic pertaining to Primary Care Sports Medicine for their QI and/or research activity.  Attendance and volunteer if interested in the sports medicine track please discuss with the program director as early as possible.  Coverage of local athletic event will be encouraged and facilitating assistance when needed from residency administration.   The resident will be expected to collaborate with the chief resident in organization of sports physicals at area schools.  


When a resident has interest in sports medicine, they should meet with the program director within the first 6 months of their residency to help establish goals for the residency.  If the resident knows they have interest in a sports medicine track before beginning their residency, it is recommended to express this as soon as match is finished.  This way, the new resident can be matched with a sports medicine family physician advisor.  If a resident has future interest in a sports medicine fellowship program after residency, this too should be expressed as soon as possible.


  • Residents have both a sports medicine and orthopedics rotation as part of a normal curriculum.  
  • The resident spends as many or all of their electives gaining additional experience
  • Longitudinal experience is very important, there are many athletic events in the area
  • It is encouraged for the resident to design and complete a scholarly project relevant to sports medicine (original research, clinical quality improvement project, educational improvement project)
  • Appraisal and presentation of at least one journal club article related to sports medicine
  • Presentation of a project on a regional or national forum is encouraged 
  • Attendance to at least one national sports medicine CME conference or an Advanced Team Physician Course is encourage

Educational Opportunities

    • Rheumatology
    • Orthopedics (3 additional sites)
    • Pediatric Sports Medicine (partial month)
    • Sports Medicine (2 additional sites)
    • Chiropractic Medicine
    • Radiology
    • Podiatry
    • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation