As a professional at Ghent Family Medicine...

Work to maintain our skills so that we may experience professional & personal satisfaction

EMR conversations & privacy are to be respected


Are grateful that patients have entrusted themselves to us for their care

Recognize that we are part of an educational setting that is training the future physicians

Effectively and wisely use our time


Gain knowledge that quality takes time

Hold ourselves and our team in high regard - we can do more together than alone

Express respect to coworkers and patients

Noting our ability to be flexible - family medicine is an unpredictable calling

Treat patients as we would want to be treated


Respect the time of each other and our patients

Exhibit the values of family medicine - we are the next generation of family physician

See ourselves as members of a team that can do more than one alone

Improve on ourselves & what we do everyday

Dress respectfully to demonstrate that we are here in body and mind

Endeavor to keep communication open, build trust, & accountability

Notice surroundings to make sure coworkers  & ourselves have a healthy environment

Tenacity to hold ourselves to a 'higher standard'

Showing empathy & compassion towards our patients and coworkers