Technical Standards

The abilities and skills applicants and students must independently possess in order to complete the education and training associated with physician assistant education are referred to as Technical Standards. These abilities and skills are essential for clinical practice as a physician assistant.

The Technical Standards listed on our website reflect five categorical areas:

  1. Observation
  2. Communication
  3. Critical reasoning (intellectual)
  4. Motor and sensory functions
  5. Behavioral and social attributes

The standards outlined represent minimum competency levels. Each standard is defined in the linked document and is followed by examples of indicators of minimum competence in that area.

Physician Assistant applicants must be prepared to independently meet the technical standards, with or without reasonable accommodation, in order to complete the program and indicate such ability prior to their matriculation into the program. These technical standards also serve as pre-requisites for continuation, promotion, and graduation from the PA Program.  Applicants or students found to be non-compliant with the Technical Standards are at risk for dismissal from the program.

Applicants or students who may have questions regarding these technical standards or who believe they may need to request reasonable accommodation in order to meet the standards are encouraged to contact the Officer of Disability Compliance (Michael Solhaug, MD | 757.446.5638 |

Revealing a disability is voluntary; however, such disclosure is necessary before any accommodations may be made in the learning environment or in the program’s procedures.  Information regarding disabilities is handled in a confidential manner.