H.O.P.E.S Clinic

(Health Outreach Partnership with EVMS Students)

The H.O.P. E.S (Health Outreach Partnership of EVMS Students) Free Clinic is staffed by EVMS students, residents, and physicians.  H.O.P.E.S serves uninsured citizens of Norfolk with long term and specialty care.

The mission of H.O.P. E.S is to promote a sustainable community service to underserved residents of Norfolk while providing a unique educational experience for members of the EVMS community.


Clinic Hours

Wednesday evenings from 6-9 PM

Thursday evenings from 6-9 PM


Clinic Location 

 H.O.P.E.S is located in the first floor of the Norfolk Public Health Building at 830 Southampton Ave.


For Patients



Live call hours for patients


Specialty Clinics


The clinic is appointment based only. Please call 757-446-0333 if you are a new patient or 757-446-0366 if you are a returning patient.


Monday 7 PM-9 PM

Wednesday 7 PM-9 PM

Thursday 12 PM - 1 PM



Women’s Health Clinic, Endocrine Clinic, Life Counseling, Dermatology, Access AIDS, and Art Therapy

Women’s Health Clinic services include prenatal care, pap smears, and STD testing




 More information


For Physicians 

H.O.P. E.S is seeking any physicians interested in volunteering their time at the clinic.

Contact the H.O.P. E.S Physician Coordinator 


For Students

EVMS students can volunteer as clinician and administrative positions, as well as more full time leadership positions. 

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator


All other inquiries

Please call 757-446-0366 or contact the H.O.P. E.S Directors