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Dr. Jaclyn Simpkins received her doctoral degree in Genetic Epidemiology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Her dissertation research was focused on the interaction between genetic and environmental influences on biomarkers used to predict cardiovascular disease risk with a focus in African-American populations.  During her studies, she worked with several investigators from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI).   Her work awarded her the opportunity to work closely with investigators from Framingham Heart Study which is one of the longest ongoing cardiovascular cohort studies on residents from Framingham, MA.  The study began in 1948 and is now on its third generation of participants.  Dr. Simpkins specializes in candidate gene studies, genome-wide association studies, and studies using next generation sequencing data.

Dr. Simpkins worked as a Clinical Epidemiologist at the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center. She worked on various projects, one of which she was most noted for is a chronic pain project where her and her team created a standard algorithm which was used to identify the prevalence of chronic pain amongst active duty Sailors and Marines.  She also served as the Principal Biostatistician in the department of General Surgery at the Naval Medical Hospital in Portsmouth, VA.  Some of the studies she supported include identifying if disparities exist in the treatment of breast cancer within the Military Health System and identifying factors affecting colorectal cancer screening rates. 

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