Erin E. Blair, MA, ATR


Art Therapy and Counseling, MS

Lester Hall


Erin Blair, MA, ATR is a registered art therapist in the Hampton Roads area. Erin has spent over 10 years working with adolescents in a variety of treatment settings, and she now provides structured psychoeducational art classes as well as open studio classes to incarcerated students in a juvenile detention school. Erin served as an executive board member of the Virginia Art Therapy Association for 6 years. She now mentors art therapists new to the State Operated Programs of Virginia while also serving as co-chair of the state’s Cultivating Character Committee, which strives to help teachers create positive classroom climates that lend themselves to enriching the social and emotional intelligence of students. Erin studied painting and photography at James Madison University before earning her Masters of Arts in Art Therapy from The George Washington University in 2006. She is a practicing painter and photographer and believes that making art for one’s own self-care is essential to being an effective helping professional. Erin shares her enthusiasm for her work in the Art Therapy in Schools elective course at EVMS.