Alena Stewart, MSEd

Community Engaged Learning Specialist

Community Engaged Learning

Lewis Hall


Alena Stewart joined the CEL team over a year ago and was instrumental in setting up the newly acquired and renovated CEL warehouse that stores the equipment and supplies for all the 19 Initiatives within CEL. Alena also maintains EVMS Engage platforms as CEL continues to build systems and structure to make sure all our community engagement activities are fulfilled.

Ms. Stewart is currently working on her Doctorate from Moscow State Institute of International Relations and is a graduate of the institute with both a Master’s in Teaching and Translation and a Bachelor’s in Political Science. She is an avid researcher, has more than five years teaching experience and worked with one of the global international organizations as research assistant in various countries including Denmark, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan and her native Russia. Ms. Stewart will be focusing her wealth of knowledge in continuing to maintain CEL systems and structure but will also aid in the annual research and capstone activities for community-engaged learners.

 In her spare time she loves to paint with watercolors, make flower arrangements, throw pottery and play the piano. Some of her work can be found hanging in local Norfolk cafes.