With the growing anxieties around COVID-19, incidents of xenophobia and racism have been widely reported nationally, with people of Chinese and other Asian descents targeted. Sadly, members of our own EVMS community have been exposed to harassment in Hampton Roads.

U.S. history has been rife with patterns of racism and negative stereotyping of various groups. Recent outbreaks of HIV/AIDS, SARS and the Ebola virus have continued to marginalize minority groups.

At EVMS, our values are anchored on diversity and inclusion. Although we are physically distancing during these difficult days, we remain committed to nurturing a community in which everyone enjoys a sense of belonging and safety. We stand against all prejudice and in solidarity with those who have been targeted.

If you experience harassment or discriminatory treatment based on any protected identity, please contact us here.

In addition, students may email Allison Knight, PhD, Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Director of Student Wellness.

Residents may email Linda Archer, PhD, Vice Dean for Graduate Medical Education.