Emailed March 20, 2020

For the health and safety of the EVMS community, EVMS is strongly recommending all personal travel be postponed due to COVID-19. COVID-19 outbreak locations are rapidly changing, as are CDC, US State Department and state health department guidelines. This guidance applies to all employees, including faculty, staff and residents.

  • Vacation leave remains subject to approval by your department. Such approval may be withheld, or rescinded after approval, for legitimate business reasons such as an increased risk of COVID-19 transmission to the EVMS community, or concerns over labor shortages caused by subsequent quarantines.
  • Any employee who travels (vacation or otherwise), to an area with COVID-19 outbreaks or who believes that they may have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19 while traveling, must contact EVMS Human Resources at 757.446.6043 and notify their supervisor before returning to the workplace. You may be required to self-quarantine (remain out of the office) for 14 days.
  • Employees with flu-like or respiratory illness symptoms must contact Human Resources at 767.446.6043. All such employees must be cleared by Occupational Health before entering, or returning to, the workplace.
  • Employees who report to work sick must be sent home immediately and must contact Human Resources at 757.446.6043.
  • All employees will be required to use personal leave time (vacation or sick) during any quarantine period that results from personal travel unless the employee is approved to work remotely.
  • You may report individuals in the workplace who have traveled to an outbreak location or who are exhibiting symptoms by emailing or calling 757.446.6043.

We are continuously monitoring developments and will update this guidance if and when the situation or guidelines change.