Sent on behalf of Richard V. Homan, President and Provost, Dean of the School of Medicine.

During this pandemic, we will need to share information with you on a regular basis. Unfortunately, with so many official messages going out, a crisis such as this is a high-risk time for phishing scams. To safeguard our systems, information and workforce, our website will be the official source for COVID-19 information. Any information to be shared or links that you need will be posted on that site. Going forward, we will not include active links in our email communications, but rather will spell out the link using words like "at" and "dot." As always, students and employees should exercise caution when using links sent via email.

We know you will be exceptionally busy during this pandemic. We’ll do our best to keep our communications short and to the point. Campus-wide emails will be significantly curtailed during this period. Non-emergency/non-COVID-19 information should be shared via our electronic newsletter, Weekly Pulse, to minimize the number of messages appearing in your inbox. Send any items for inclusion in the newsletter by email to The deadline each week is Friday by 3 p.m. for distribution in the following Tuesday's Weekly Pulse.

If you accidentally unsubscribe from the newsletter, please send your name and email address to with a request to be added back to our mailing list.

As we implement major changes or have particularly important information to share, we also will use the RAVE alert system to send text messages directing you to visit the EVMS COVID-19 website. Employees should use the Payroll Portal under “MyEVMS Resources” on to update their contact information for RAVE. Students should email If you have unsubscribed from RAVE alerts in the past, please email

Please pay particular attention to email messages during the pandemic. I strongly encourage you to check daily (whether or not you receive an email) to ensure you have the latest news and information about our pandemic response.