Sent on behalf of the Continuity of Operations Task Force

While the number of EVMS employees exposed to COVID-positive persons and/or developing symptoms consistent with COVID has decreased slightly from a few weeks ago, the level is still well above where we were before the emergence of the omicron variant.

As a reminder, we have streamlined our “What Should I Do?” protocol as follows:

• Individuals who have had close contact with a COVID-positive person, anyone who has symptoms consistent with COVID, or anyone who has tested positive using a home or community test must complete the REDCap EVMS/EVMS Medical Group Exposure Survey.

• If you have tested positive with a home or community test, you must also email pictures of the test card and test box with your name, date of birth and the date you took the test to occhealth@evms.edu using your EVMS email address only. Acceptance of home tests will continue until Friday, Feb. 4.

• Occupational Health will contact you within one business day if you are clinical and three business days if you are non-clinical from the time you submit the survey. Please do not contact Occupational Health to inquire about being screened unless it has been longer than the time frame that applies to your situation.

• After speaking with you, any other information you need to know, such as other testing requirements or required forms, will be provided to you by Occupational Health.

• You cannot report to work until Occupational Health has cleared you in writing. You will receive an email confirmation that you have been cleared.

Please contact Human Resources if you have questions regarding the screening protocol at 757.446.6043 or EVMSHR@evms.edu. We will try to ensure questions are answered the same day if submitted before 3 p.m. that day. Questions submitted after 4 p.m. will be answered the next business day.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we work to keep our campus community safe.