August 3, 2021

Sent on behalf of the Continuity of Operations Task Force

The rapid spread of the Delta variant of the COVID virus continues to accelerate. When that fact is combined with low rates of vaccination in Norfolk and the surrounding communities, the situation has become both more complicated and less safe.

Consequently, the Continuity of Operations Task Force is issuing a new directive:

Effective Monday August 9, 2021, EVMS will not hold social events, either indoors or outdoors. Educational/research/business meetings may proceed as long as everyone is fully masked.

Food remains limited to boxes/bottles, but should only be provided if essential to the success of EVMS educational/business/research activities.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and support as we continue to work our way through the pandemic. We will continue to send out updates as warranted.

Please note a Virtual Town Hall will be held Wednesday, Aug. 11, from noon to 1 p.m. to address questions around the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and campus policies. That Town Hall can be viewed here or by visiting the COVID-19 page on