Last updated: 08-06-2021

The Continuity of Operations Task Force monitors the efficacy and safety of EVMS operations and the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vaccination, masking and social distancing guidance

In guidance released Aug. 3, 2021, we outlined updated policies for vaccination as well as masking and social distancing.

We are mandating masking for employees, students and visitors inside all EVMS buildings regardless of vaccination status, in accordance with new CDC guidance. All EVMS employees and students are required to be fully vaccinated.

Current campus status

  • About 75% of EVMS employees and students are vaccinated and that rate is slowly increasing.
  • We currently differentiate between fully vaccinated employees and students and those who are not fully vaccinated. Those who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear masks and maintain as much social distance as possible at all times, including when they are in classrooms.
  • We removed the social distancing requirement for fully vaccinated individuals, except for all skills training areas (the sim center and the anatomy lab, e.g.) and all clinical areas.
  • We continue to actively work on increasing the vaccination rate for both students and employees.
  • We continue to review and adapt our guidance based on CDC recommendations.

Health monitoring and safe practices

All members of the EVMS community should continue to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.

We are encouraging everyone to wash their hands with soap and water regularly throughout the day. Use hand sanitizers frequently when handwashing is not feasible.

If you think you are experiening symptoms of COVID-19 or think you may have been exposed, see what steps you need to take in the What Should I Do? section.

Download the EVMS Campus Plan for COVID-19, updated August 19, 2020.