Academy students from public school districts in Chesapeake, Portsmouth and the Eastern Shore's Northampton County complete an introduction to health sciences curriculum during the school year with opportunities to learn from faculty and staff through lectures and virtual question-and-answer sessions. Rising 10th graders are invited to apply their knowledge during a summer workshop where they spend two weeks participating in hands-on activities designed to highlight various careers in the healthcare field. As students progress through their high school careers, they are provided with opportunities to serve their communities through Community Engaged Learning initiatives, research projects and shadowing professionals in their chosen career paths.


Day One: Suturing

Students learn to do a simple interrupted suture designed to close an open wound, receiving support and guidance as they acquired the new skill.

Day Two: Simulation Center

While working in the Simulation Center, students learn about controlling bleeding, performing basic surgical techniques and splinting and casting broken limbs.

Day Three: Bystander CPR

Students are trained in bystander CPR and learn to operate an AED until emergency personnel arrive.

Day Four: Ultrasound

Students explore the basics of ultrasound, using actual technology to scan their instructors. They learn how an image is analyzed and what can be detected.

Day Five: Standardized Patients

Program participants examine and take vitals on standardized patients, specially trained actors who simulate various illnesses. Health Sciences Academy students also practice how to approach a patient, carry themselves and ask questions.