Understanding MyPlate

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) created MyPlate to make it easier to eat healthily. Use the easy-to-follow symbol to see what your healthy plate should look like: half should be vegetables and fruit; the other half should be split between lean meat and whole grains. The MyPlate symbol is a useful tool that shows what you should eat and how much to put on your plate.

How MyPlate WorksA plate with four color-coded sections. Fruit and protein sections represent about 20% each. Vegetables and Grains represent 40% each. Dairy is also shown.

MyPlate has color-coded sections:

  • Green = Vegetables
  • Red = Fruits
  • Orange = Grains
  • Purple = Protein
  • Blue = Dairy

 Ways to use MyPlate

  • Make half of your plate vegetables and fruits
  • Eat more whole grains (like brown rice, wheat pasta, and whole grain bread) instead of processed grains (like white rice, non-wheat pasta, and white bread)
  • Water or low-fat milk should replace juice, soda, and sports drinks
  • Eat smaller portions

Visit the USDA MyPlate site and download the MyPlate app.