This pantry-focused portion of the toolkit was created by the Portsmouth Diabetes Prevention Project at Eastern Virginia Medical School to aid food pantries in their efforts to promote healthy eating and diabetes prevention for their clientele. The toolkit offers practical guides on creating healthy nutrition policies, ways to acquire healthy foods through donation or purchase and healthy pantry organization.

Foods to Donate or Stock

A list of outstanding staples to donate or focus on stocking at a food pantry.

Food Drive: Spices, Oils & Condiments

Suggested spices and condiments to guide donors.

Food Drive: Packaged Produce

Suggested produce items to bring to a food drive.

Food Drive: Protein

Suggested protein items to donate to a food drive.

Free Online Resources

A listing of numerous nonprofit and government organizations who provide free guidance, resources, recipes and even mobile phone apps to assist with a healthy lifestyle.

Sample Food Pantry Policy

Use this sample policy to raise the standards of food pantries, and eventually the health of their clients.

Simple Recipes Using Pantry Basics Cookbook

Discover simple, delicious recipes featuring items that are inexpensive and easy to find. All of the recipes are designed to taste great and are good for you.

Understanding MyPlate

Read the quick guide to MyPlate, created by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to make it easier to eat healthily.