The Brock Institute is working to integrate community into all aspects of EVMS, whether it is in the curriculum, research projects or service and outreach. We collaborate and partner with other area organizations to create programs focused on community health. Please take a look at some of the programs below to learn more about what we're doing. If you have any questions, email us at

Booker T. Washington Student Care Center

The Booker T. Washington Student Care Center is designed to offer the comprehensive services of a family physician’s office in a clinical space inside school. The center allows students to receive health-care without the hassle of missing school.

Community Care Day

Brock Scholars

The Brock Institute invites scholars from across the nation to discuss the work that they are doing that inspires new and innovative ways to decrease health disparities and increase cultural competency. 

Community Impact Day

Incoming medical and health professions students participate in a community service event at P. B. Young Sr. Elementary School. Community Impact Day provides experiential learning to new EVMS students as they work alongside EVMS senior leaders to prepare the school for the new academic year.

Greater Hampton Roads Population Health Summit

The Greater Hampton Roads Population Health Summit gathers individuals from a variety of backgrounds, agencies and organizations to address significant health issues and discuss how to help the region to become a healthier community.

Healthcare Career Exploration Event

The Healthcare Career Exploration Event exposes high school students to the variety of health-care career opportunities. Students have the chance to learn more about their options and talk directly with EVMS faculty and students.

Mental Health Initiative

The Brock Institute hosts an annual summit that convenes mental health advocates to discuss gaps in mental health services and ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of mental health service delivery in the Hampton Roads region.

United for Children & EVMS

United for Children is a public-private partnership aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty by driving educational success for children in our community.

Past Programs

Explore some of the Brock Institute's past programs.

Schroeder Center - Brock Institute (SC-BI) Summer Fellowship Program

The SC-BI Summer Research Fellowship Program is a collaboration between the College of William & Mary and EVMS supports student-faculty research related to improving the health of our community.