The Greater Hampton Roads Population Health Summit gathers individuals from a variety of backgrounds, agencies and organizations to address significant health issues and discuss how to help the region become a healthier community.

2016 Population Health Summit: Building healthier communities

Our 2016 keynote speaker was Mr. Nick Macchione, who serves as San Diego County‚Äôs Director of the Health and Human Services Agency. In 2010, he along with the county government embarked upon Live Well San Diego, an ambitious groundbreaking initiative aimed at improving health, encouraging safer living and promoting economic vitality for San Diego county residents. 

The summit aimed to help facilitate regional conversations to address significant health issues and to advance Virginia's Plan for Wellbeing.

2017 Population Health Summit: Improving our communities' resilience and readiness through the lens of the opioid crisis

The keynote speaker for the 2017 Population Health Summit was Mr. Fred Wells Branson II, the president and CEO of Project Lazarus. Established in 2007 as a response to extremely high overdose mortality rates in Wilkes County, North Carolina, Project Lazarus successfully and dramatically decreased the locality's overdose mortality rate. The Project Lazarus model is a public health model based on the twin premises that overdose deaths are preventable and that all communities are responsible for their own health.

In case you missed it

Watch recordings of the full 2016 and 2017 Hampton Roads Population Health Summit, aimed to help propel the region forward and become a healthier community.