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Community and Global Health Projects:

HOPES Clinic

The H.O.P. E.S (Health Outreach Partnership of EVMS Students) Free Clinic is staffed by EVMS students, residents, and physicians. H.O.P.E.S serves uninsured citizens of Norfolk with long term and specialty care.

LAMP: Lions Assisted Medical Projects

The EVMS Chapter of The Lions Clubs serves the community by participating in Lions Assisted Medical Projects (LAMPs) in the Hampton Roads area. LAMPs typically involve vision, hearing, and diabetes screenings.

Legal Education and Advocacy in Pediatrics (LEAP) Program

The Legal Education and Advocacy in Pediatrics Program is a medical-legal partnership (MLP) formed between General Academic Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters (CHKD) and the Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia (LASEVA) that aims to improve medical outcomes among low-income families of child patients and conduct research to provide a successful framework to establish similar MLPs elsewhere.

Live Responsibly Campaign

The Live Responsible Campaign was started as a project to educate school children from 5th grade to HS of the health effects and financial impact of social choices people make that affect health care in the country. We concentrate on 5 choices and their effects on our health care system: Smoking, Obesity, Driving Distractions, Helmets and Alcohol.

Maury High School Medical and Health Specialty Program

Students engage in a rigorous academic core curriculum, including Advanced Placement courses, with additional opportunities to earn elective credits through specialty courses and experiences. Students also take an anatomy and physiology course, which is taught both in a classroom at the Eastern Virginia Medical School and in the EVMS cadaver lab.

Medically Inspired Adventures (MIA)

Medically Inspired Adventures provides high school students with hands-on experience with cadavers, specimens, standardized patients as well as opportunities to attend several medically themed lectures. The program intends to get students thinking about pursuing a career in health care and to motivate students to continue their education through college and/or graduate school.

Norfolk Academy Medical Externship (NAME)

The Norfolk Academy Medical Externship is a physician-monitored internship program specifically focused on engaging qualified Norfolk Academy students in an educational and participatory program in medicine. The program is a joint effort among community physicians, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Sentara Healthcare, and Norfolk Academy.

Norfolk ENT Brigade: Honduras Otolarygology Mission

Every year Dr. John Sinacori of the EVMS Otolaryngology Department travels with a team to Balfate, Honduras to provide otolaryngology care at the Loma de Luz hospital. The 7 - 10 person team includes two EVMS otolaryngology attendings, at least two EVMS otolaryngology residents, an anesthesiologist and nurses.

Pediatric Public Health Certificate Program

Funded by a grant from HRSA, Kate Ferguson serves as a Co-PI developing a "Pediatric Public Health Certificate" curriculum. The curriculum, the only of its kind in the United States, and will be composed of 8 courses in conjunction with community-based learning experiences.

Physicians for Peace International Elective

The Physicians for Peace International Medical Mission is an EVMS elective for fourth year medical students focused on planning a medical mission with the guidance of the Physicians for Peace organization. Students conduct extensive research, prepare a medical mission plan, and ultimately join a medical mission trip to observe, learn, and gather data for their mission report.

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