May 2021

The Institutional Wellness Committee and I are working to fulfill our mandate to implement a comprehensive, institution-wide approach to wellness. Here is an update on our progress:

• Created a Mission and Vision for EVMS Wellness.
• Identify and centralized programs and resources on the EVMS Wellness Website.
• Expand awareness and access to Health Advocate to make it available across all levels of the institution. We are working on supporting a campus-wide incentive program to monthly challenges.
• Continue to identify gaps in wellness programs and resources.
• Team with Faculty Development to create the Waldholtz Family Wellness Series, which is now supported by the Waldholtz Family including an Annual Wellness Event in October each year.
• Implementing Quarterly Professional Satisfaction Check-ins across campus.
• Assessing institutional wellbeing outcomes to inform systemic changes to promote wellness across campus.
• Creating Faculty and Staff Pro-briefing Programs to address stress and prevent burnout.
• Created the Support U program to mitigate stress and prevent burnout among residents and fellows.
• Assisted in proposing the approved revised paid leave policy that now allows faculty — in addition to classified and unclassified staff — to carry over up to 80 hours of vacation time from one fiscal year to the next. (NOTE: to access this document you must be logged into myPortal.)

Thank you for your support of our initiatives. Together, we can work toward creating and sustaining a healthy community at EVMS that educates, motivates, and empowers all institutional members to engage in wellness and fulfillment.


Serina A. Neumann, PhD
EVMS Wellness Officer and Professor of the School of Health Professions