Title IX Coordinator

EVMS has three Title IX Coordinators, as listed below.

To ensure that EVMS remains in compliance with Title IX, the EVMS Institutional Title IX Coordinator is charged with developing, implementing, and monitoring policies regarding sex discrimination or harassment.  The Institutional Title IX Coordinator also tracks complaints about sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence to ensure that EVMS investigates and responds promptly to such complaints.

Any student or applicant for admission, employee or applicant for employment, or any other member of the EVMS community, whether guest or otherwise, who believes that he or she has been discriminated against on the basis of sex or the subject of sexual harassment or sexual violence (whether or not such violence is reported to law enforcement) may, in addition to seeking redress through any other available avenues, file a complaint to the Institutional Title IX Coordinator or a Senior Deputy Coordinator as indicated below: 


Institutional Title IX Coordinator:

Josephine Wiley

Institutional Title IX Coordinator

Andrew's Hall

721 Fairfax Avenue, Suite 509

Norfolk, VA 23507




Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinators for Students:

Joann Bautti, MPA

Director of Student Affairs

Lewis Hall

700 W. Olney Rd., Room 1182

Norfolk, VA 23507





Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinators for Employees:

Matthew Schenk, PHR

Director of Human Resources

Smith Rogers Hall

358 Mowbray Arch, Ste. 201

Norfolk, VA 23507





Please see Complaint Investigation and Resolution Procedures to learn more about the EVMS investigation and resolution process