What are “Responsible Employees"?

Designated employees of EVMS who must notify a Title IX Coordinator when they learn about a sex discrimination or sexual misconduct matter (including sexual violence) involving an EVMS student, employee or other member of the EVMS Community.

Who are Responsible Employees at EVMS?

 Responsible Employees at EVMS are:

¨  Police and Public Safety Officers

¨  Human Resources staff

¨  Student Affairs staff

¨  Legal or Compliance Office staff

¨  Campus Housing staff

If I talk to an EVMS Responsible Employee about sex discrimination or sexual misconduct, what will he/she tell me?

In cases of sexual violence, the first priority is always addressing the immediate needs of the victim (safety/security and support). Once that has been addressed, or in cases not involving sexual violence, the Responsible Employee will tell you: 

¨  That they have an obligation to report what you tell them to a Title IX Coordinator so your confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, but any request for confidentiality will be passed to the Title IX Coordinator.

¨  That there are Confidential Resources available to you if you want to speak with someone confidentially.

¨  That you have a right to file a Title IX Complaint and information about what can be found on the EVMS Title IX webpages.

¨  That you are protected from retaliation in accordance with the Office of Compliance Reporting/Anti-Retaliation Policy