In keeping with our core value of collegiality, we would like every effort to be made to address allegations of Sex Discrimination (including some types of Sexual Misconduct) through informal resolution before making a formal complaint, report or grievance.  Options for informal resolution include:  

A.     Direct Communication.   In many instances, you can take action to address Sex Discrimination by communicating with the individual whose behavior is unwanted or inappropriate.  You should only pursue this direct communication:

1.      When it is not a matter of domestic, dating, or sexual violence. 

2.      When you know the other party (the person is not a stranger) and believe he/she will be receptive (i.e. they may not know they are making inappropriate comments).

3.      When you do not feel physically threatened and there is no risk of physical harm.

4.      Via phone, email, or another method of communication that is not face-to-face.  Such communication should include:

i.        A factual description of the incident(s) including date, time, place, witnesses and a description of the specific unwelcome behavior;

ii.      A description of how you felt or consequences you may have suffered due to the unwelcome behavior; and

iii.    A request that the unwelcome behavior ceases immediately. If you do not feel comfortable communicating with the individual directly, or if you believe the communication was or will not be successful, talk to a Coordinator and/or you may also want to consider making a complaint as outlined in Section III.

B.     Administrative Communication.  If you are not comfortable with direct communication as outlined above, you are encouraged to attempt to resolve matters of Sex Discrimination through the EVMS administrative structure as follows:

  1. Faculty, residents or staff who would like to proceed informally, but with the assistance of their administrative unit should contact their office manager, department administrator, or EVMS Human Resources.
  2. Students should contact their educational program director or Student Affairs.
  3. All others may contact the EVMS Office of Compliance at 446-6008. 

Once reported, that administrative unit will meet with you and the accused, individually (or together if you so desire) and work towards a satisfactory resolution. Please note that, as set forth in Confidentiality and Confidential Resources, once a matter is reported to your administrative structure, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed and a Title IX Coordinator may need to be notified of your report.  

Finally, remember that informal resolution is not a requirement and you always have the right to make a formal complaint as outlined in the Complaint Process.  In addition, informal resolution is not appropriate in instances that involve domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence, or other threat of imminent harm and, in such instances, you should talk to a Coordinator and/or consider filing a formal complaint.