There are multiple steps involved in order to get access to the Open Payments Portal and then review and/or dispute your information.  For detailed information on Open Payments including details of all of the below see the CMS Open Payments User Guide.

Getting Access to the Portal:

1 – In order to be granted access to the Open Payments portal, you must first verify your identity by registering with CMS’ Enterprise Identity Management System (EIDM). If you already have an EIDM account, skip to #2. New users will go through the screens to enter your information and set up a username, password and challenge questions.  You will receive a confirmation email when you have successfully registered.  If you have trouble registering or do not get a confirmation email, contact the CMS Open Payments Help Desk at

2 - If you already have an EIDM account, or once you successfully register, you will need to request access to the Open Payments portal:

  • You will use your EIDM credentials to login into the CMS Portal (you must accept the terms).
  • Once in the portal you will want to click the “Request Access Now” button.  This will take you to a page called “My Access” where you will select “Request new Application Access”.
  • This will then bring you to a page where you can select “Open Payments” as the application and “Applicable Manufacturer, GPO, Physician or Teach Hospital” as the role. 
  • You must accept the terms and conditions
  • Confirm your information on the next screen(s)
  • Verify your identity.  When you receive a message stating that you have successfully completed the  “Remote Identity Proofing process” be sure to click “Next”
  • You will then receive a message that your request was successfully completed.  You will now logout then log back in to access the Open Payments Application. on the next screen(s) y Confirm or enter your information on the next screens

Register, Review, and Dispute

Once on the Portal you can need register.  Download/print the CMS Quick Reference Guide on Physician Registration.

Once registered, you can review and, if needed, dispute any information reported.  Download/print the CMS Quick Reference Guide on Review and Dispute Functions. Please also see the CMS Dispute and Resolution page for more information.