Academic and Student Affairs Committee

The Academic and Student Affairs Committee supports the Board’s responsibility to advance the provision of quality education offered by EVMS and advises the Board on policies and plans regarding student affairs and the environment for student learning and student life consistent with EVMS’ stated goals and objectives. The Academic and Student Affairs Committee’s responsibilities include: academic program planning, approval and evaluation; academic policy and program development; academic program affiliations; academic affairs; regular degree approval; faculty appointments and promotions; faculty recruitment and retention issues; reviewing policies governing students, including the admission and retention of students and student rights, responsibilities, conduct, and discipline; reviewing and overseeing matters relating to student government, appropriate student participation in EVMS governance, and student organizations and extracurricular activities; and reviewing and overseeing matters relating to financial aid, housing services, counseling, student health, and other student services.

Audit and Compliance Committee

The Audit and Compliance Committee supports the Board’s financial oversight and compliance responsibilities.  The Audit and Compliance Committee’s responsibilities include: oversight of financial reporting and financial statement matters and any critical accounting and reporting issues; selecting an external auditing firm; annually reviewing and accepting the audited financial statements and management letter from the external auditors; determining that the administration has been open and has acted in good faith in connection with the audit; oversight of the internal audit function, including receiving reports and approval of the annual audit plan and special audits; research audits; operating policy audits; and, overseeing legal and regulatory compliance and the compliance management system. 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee supports the Board’s responsibilities for the budget process, accountability, and fiscal efficiency in general, and will consider all issues of current and future financial operations. The Finance Committee’s responsibilities include: annual and long-term financial planning; operating and capital budgets; financial monitoring and reporting systems; human resources and benefits management; financial liaison with affiliates; financial services; information technology; risk management; physical facilities; parking; materials management; auxiliary services (housing, bookstore, security); and records and contract maintenance.  The CEO of the EVMS Medical Group will report the activities of the Medical Group to the Finance Committee. 

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee supports the working processes and governance of the Board.  The Governance Committee’s responsibilities include: identifying and cultivating member prospects to assist appointing bodies; Board member education; arranging nomination process for Board officers; evaluating the responsibilities and expectations of the Board; assessing Board performance and effectiveness; determining Board needs; periodically reviewing the Board’s bylaws and recommending amendments; liaising with affiliated Boards or entities; and supporting the Rector with the formal evaluation of the President and Provost, including review and acceptance of the Rector’s written evaluation of the President and Provost.