Strategic Goals

Each Strategic Planning Subcommittee is charged with creating strategic goals, around which individual objectives and initiatives will be designed to achieve the strategic goal and further the institution’s overall mission. 

Each objective should include the following:

  • Defined Objective – List the objective and provide accompanying rationale/justification as it relates to strategic goal.

  • Implementation/Components – What specific activities/actions are required to accomplish each objective?

  • Feasibility/Assessment – Assess viability of the objective through review of the environment, potential risks, barriers to implementation, competition, legal/regulatory issues, relevant accreditation, market factors, and related items as applicable. Perform a focused SWOT analysis if necessary.

  • Investment/Resources – Identify resources required to implement each objective. Examples include personnel, equipment, space, IT hardware requirements, IT software requirements, supplies, etc.

  • Project Leader – Identify accountable EVMS person(s) charged with leading the implementation of each objective.

  • Performance Metrics – Define performance metrics against which the attainment/accomplishment of the objective can be measured.

  • Timeline & Deliverables – Outline the objective’s implementation timeline aligned with specific project deliverables per strategic planning year.

  • Financial Pro-forma – Complete financial template which will be provided (“3 plus 1” projections, initiatives should generally target sustainability after year 3 as applicable).

Note: The pro-forma business plan will be evaluated for continuation or closure, based on identified expected outcomes/performance metrics, sufficiently in advance of investment funds running out, to assess faculty/staff or other related termination decisions.

Strategic Plan Timeline

  • Electronic Survey (10/23/17 – 11/26/17) - Electronic survey sent to all EVMS faculty, learners and staff. Data is collected and analysis is performed.
  • Initial meeting with Dr. Homan (11/14/17) - Meeting with Dr. Homan: Steering Committee and co-chairs to discuss the charge, roles and expectations.

  • Strategic Management Retreat #1 (11/28/17) – Kick-off meeting: Information from the electronic survey is distributed. Strategic Planning teams work in groups to identify the major goals of their focus area.

  • Strategic Management Retreat #2 (1/8/18) – Co-chairs of the Strategic Planning teams present updates and receive feedback. Strategic Planning teams will continue their work in refining strategic goals, outcomes and timeline for accomplishment.

  • Strategic Plan Drafts Submitted (2/5/18) - Strategic Planning teams submit goals and expected outcomes and receive final feedback/recommendations from Steering Committee if applicable.

  • Strategic Plans Submitted (2/8/18) - Strategic Planning teams submit final strategic planning goals.

  • Development of Strategic Planning Document (2/12/18 - 3/9/18) – Formal strategic planning document is developed and prepared for final approval by Dr. Homan and Board of Visitors.

  • Strategic Plan Submitted (3/13/18) – Strategic plan submitted to EVMS Board of Visitors.