Vendor Parking Information

Please be advised that vendors may not use Visitor Lot B - the surface lot between Hofhei‌mer Hall and Andrews Hall. This lot is restricted to patient parking only. Any vendor vehicles found in Visitor Lot B will be ticketed, booted or towed.

Vendor Parking Instructions

  • The Visitor Garage A, the central parking garage. The vendor parking validation stickers are no longer valid. Vendors will be required to pay the visitor parking rates as posted:
    • Up to 1 hour - free
    • Up to 2 hours - $2
    • Up to 3 hours - $3
    • Up to 4 hours - $4
    • Up to 5 hours - $5
    • Up to 6 hours - $6
    • Daily Maximum - $8
  • Vendors may acquire a free re-entry pass by paying the daily max fee of $8 should they leave before eight hours and have to return within a 24-hour period. For example, if a contractor enters the garage and parks for four hours and wishes to leave for lunch, they may pay the full $8 upon exiting for lunch and receive a re-entry pass that will be good for another free exit within 24 hours of the original entry.
  • Contractors also have the option of purchasing a one month parking prox card for $90 from the Parking Office on the first floor of the visitor garage.
  • There are nine spaces alongside Andrews Hall marked "Vendor Parking - Marked Vehicles Only - Towing Enforced." These spaces will be open to vehicles bearing their business logos on the outside. Placards, hang tags and other internal notices will not be accepted. They are first come, first serve with no time limits. The spaces can be accessed by the access road between Hofheimer and Andrews curbside to the Staff Garage. Towing will be enforced.

View map of permitted vendor parking (see Visitor Garage A and Visitor Lot B - exception: The surface lot B area between Hofheimer Hall and Andrews Hall):