Vendor Check-In


EVMS requires all visiting vendor personnel who need direct access to our campus buildings to provide their products or services, to follow guidelines designed to improve the Medical School's overall security.

All visiting vendor personnel (sales associates, delivery drivers, service technicians) going to locations other than Materials Management are required to check-in at the dispatch office before entry into buildings on campus.

Location of check-in is at Lewis Hall / Dispatch Office, 700 West Olney Road, Phone: 757.446.5199. This office is located in the back of the Lewis Hall building by the loading dock area.

Vendors will need to carry proper company I.D. and paperwork, preferably with referencing EVMS Purchase Order Number, in order to gain access into buildings for appointments, direct deliveries, and/or service calls.

Upon arrival, vendor personnel will be instructed to show their identification and paperwork as well as sign in to the required logbook. In addition, any accompanying materials, equipment, and/or shipments may be subject to inspection by our security staff or the attending dispatcher.