Section status

In the site structure, you'll see icons that represent different section statuses.

  • Approved (solid folder): Will publish if it contains approved contentIcons show the different status a section may have in TerminalFour.
  • Hidden (outlined folder): Will not show in navigation 
    • Outlined folder icons represent sections that are hidden from navigation (meaning this section will not show up in the website menu) while solid folder icons show in navigation/in the website menu.
  • Inactive (red folder): Marked for deletion and can be permanently deleted by an administrator
  • Pending (orange folder): Will not publish to the live website
  • Internal link section (hyperlink symbol): Link to a section that exists elsewhere in T4
  • External link section (arrow and box): Link to a webpage outside of T4

Creating a section

All of the sections you will be adding will be subsections, or child sections, of existing sections within the site structure. To add a new section, follow the steps below.

Hover over the section you want to place a subsection under. Click its Actions button Actions button:

Select Create section.

Use the blue Actions button to create a section. Complete the name, status and section options fields.

Fill in the following fields under the General tab:

Name: This will be used in the URL, the "breadcrumb trail" at the top of each page and the website's navigation (e.g., Healthcare Delivery Science, MHDS >> Curriculum). The resulting web address would look like this: The breadcrumb trail and menu would look like this: 

A look at the Healthcare Delivery Science program's curriculum page, highlighting the section name (curriculum) in the page title, breadcrumbs and the menu. 

Status: Approved, pending or inactive

Section options: Show in navigation

  • Checked: This is checked by default. A link to this section will automatically appear in navigation.
  • Unchecked: A link to this section will not automatically appear in navigation, but the page will still be made live if approved. This is useful for invite-only events, like an open house for accepted students.

Link section: Enables a link to another section of the site or an external site/URL. No content is stored in a link section. (See more information below).

Once you have reviewed these fields, click Save changes to finish creating your new section.

Creating a link section

A link section is used to add navigation to the left-hand navigation and link to another page within TerminalFour or an external website. To create a link section:

Hover over the section where you'd like to add a subsection and click the Actions button Actions button. Select Create Section. This takes you to the General section details tab, where you’ll fill out the following fields:

Name: This will be used in the menu.

Show in navigation: This is checked by default. Uncheck this box to hide the link section from navigation.

Link section: Check this box to create a link section.

Click on the Details tab, and for a section link (link to another webpage):

Link type: Select Section radio button.

Select section: Click the Select section button. Select the section you wish to link to from the site structure. Scroll down and click the select Select section button.

Select Save changes to create your link section.

A gif shows how to add a link section in TerminalFour.

Creating a link to an external URL

To create a link section to an external URL (outside of, you'll follow the same steps as above. Under the Details tab, you'll fill out the following fields:

Link type: Select External URL radio button.

Link URL: Enter web address of external website.

Link target: Select “_blank” in the drop-down menu. This opens the page in a new window or browser tab. We do this with external URLs to ensure that users don't navigate away from without a way to get back to the site.

A gif shows how to add an external link section in TerminalFour.

Previewing sections

Previewing a section or a piece of content is helpful in the quality assurance process. It allows you to check to see that content is published as you intend before you approve it.

You can preview a section directly from the site structure. To preview a section, click its Actions button and Actions button select Preview section. The preview will open in a new tab or window (depending on your browser settings).