The WWW Our Residents profile allows you to add as little or as much biographical information as you like about each resident. For this content type, photos (150 pixels wide x 200 pixels high) are required.

Creating a profile

Before you can add the WWW Our Residents content to the "Our Residents" or "Our Fellows" section, you need to create profile pages for each resident.

  1. Create a section(s) under "Our Residents" (or "Our Fellows") called "Class of XXXX (year)" for each residency/fellowship class.
  2. Create sections under "Class of XXXX (year)" for each resident and uncheck "Show in navigation" for each. These sections feed back to the Our Residents section.
  3. In each resident's section, create content using WWW & myPortal Page Content.
  4. Copy text from an existing resident page, and paste as text into each new resident's Page Content in their resident section. Update this content as necessary to fit with this particular resident. When done, select "Save and approve."
  5. In the Our Residents section, create a "WWW Our Residents" piece of content for each resident with the following fields:
    • Name: Name your piece of content in TerminalFour. This does not appear on the website.
    • Image: This is required. Image size is 150 pixels (wide) by 200 pixels (high).
    • Resident's name: Add the resident's name as "First Last, Credential" (e.g., John Smith, MD), and highlight all text. Then create a section link to the section you created for the resident (under that resident's class).
  6. When done, select "Save and approve."

Removing past Our Residents sections

When a class is no longer active, delete the "Class of XXXX (year)" section to remove all profiles and profile information.