A hero section adds a large image to the top of a page along with introduction text. 

A screenshot of a hero image and introduction text, called a hero section content type.


To add a hero section to a page, fill out the following fields:

Name: Name the piece of content. This will help you recognize the piece of content in TerminalFour. The name of the piece of content will not show up on the website.

Title: Give the piece of content a title. This will show up on the website.

Intro text: Write a short, attention-grabbing statement to introduce your audience to your departmentor program. The introduction text field has a limit of 200 characters.

Hero image: Click the Select media button to open the Media Library and search for the image you'd like to add. The image must be sized 2000 pixels in width, 1149 pixels in height, with 96 dots per inch (dpi).

Once you have filled in the appropriate fields within the content type, click Save and approve at the bottom of the page to make the content live.

A .gif shows how to save and approve a piece of content in T4.