We want to make sure that every employee only has one profile, which can then be mirrored wherever it needs to appear on the website. This ensures that any updates to this profile only have to be made once, and everywhere else it's mirrored will be updated automatically.

  1. Search on EVMS.edu for the person you want to add and see if they already have a profile. If they do, mirror that profile to the Faculty/Staff page where you want to add them. If you don't have access in T4 to the existing profile, submit a ticket with a link (URL) of the page it appears on, and Web Technologies will assist you with this.
  2. If the individual does not already have a profile, find the Faculty/Staff section you want to add them to and look at the subsections. Usually, you will see categories for Faculty, Staff and maybe other groups. Choose the one that best fits the person you want to add, and create "Faculty/Staff Profile" content in that section.
  3. Give the content a name and a private email. This is the minimum amount of information you need to add. You may fill out the other relevant fields for the person.
    • Name: Internal name for the piece of content (appears only in TerminalFour). Some pages are automatically alphabetized by last name. We recommend using the format "Last name, First name" to ensure proper alphabetization (e.g., "Homan, Richard V.")
    • Email address: The individual's official email address (e.g., smithjd@evms.edu). This must be filled out properly, or the profile will not appear. Note: If a person's official email address changes, their profile will not appear.
  4. Once you're finished, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click "Save and Approve" in the dropdown menu next to "Save changes." This will publish your content - though not immediately. You should receive an email from webmaster@evmscms.com stating that there has been a "Workflow update." New profiles are approved weekly so you will see the new profile the following week. If the individual is a new employee, you may need to wait two weeks for Web Technologies to update our directory database with new employees.

Information outside TerminalFour

Updating some fields - such as name, display phone number, display email address, title and office building - can require assistance from Web Technologies or other departments, including Human Resources, Faculty Affairs and the Network Information Center. To request a change to one of these fields, please submit this form.

Additional credentials

Terminating degree credentials, such as MD- and PhD-level credentials, must be submitted to Human Resources by an individual or an individual's department. In order for an MD or PhD to appear after an individual's name, HR must have a transcript (official or unofficial) or a copy of the degree on file.

All other credentials (e.g., MPH, MPA, MBBS, MS, MBA) can be added in TerminalFour in the "Additional credentials" field.

Additional credentials entries should be entered with a comma and a space before them to ensure they appear properly next to an individual's name: ", MPH"