The calls to action content type allows you to display up to four hyperlinked buttons to a page. These buttons can link to another section, a piece of content, a media file or an external link.

A screenshot shows three buttons that say To add calls to action to a page, complete the following fields:

Name: Name the piece of content. This will help you recognize the piece of content in TerminalFour. The name of the piece of content will not show up on the website.

Button 1, 2, 3, 4 text: This is the text that appears within the button on the live site. 

Buttons should have meaningful text. Buttons with text such as "read more" or "click here" are not descriptive enough and can be frustrating for web users. The button should be able to tell users where the link will take them. Try to avoid generic link text and be more descriptive. Using calls to action (action verbs that direct users to take an action) is a great way to encourage users to follow the link. Some examples of meaningful button text/calls to action include:

  • Read testimonials
  • Apply now
  • Support our cause

Button 1, 2, 3, 4 internal link: Add a section or content link to another page or piece of content on the EVMS website. This link will appear as a button.

The Add section link button allows you to link to another page. Clicking this button will open the site structure. Find the section you wish to link to and click it to add the link.

A GIF shows how to add a section link within the Calls to Action content type.

The Add content link button allows you to link directly to a piece of content. Clicking this button will also open the site structure. Find the section where the piece of content you wish to link to is located and click the section name to open a list of content within that section. Click the piece of content to add the link.

A GIF shows how to add a content link within the Calls to Action content type.

Button 1, 2, 3, 4 external link: Paste the external URL (a web address outside of into this field to add a link to a page outside of the EVMS website. This link will appear as a button.

Button 1, 2, 3, 4 media link: Add a link to a PDF. This link will appear as a button. Click the Select media button to open the Media Library. Search the Media Library for the piece of media you wish to link to and click the name of the media to add the link.

Once you have filled in the appropriate fields within the content type, click Save and approve at the bottom of the page to make the content live.

A .gif shows how to save and approve a piece of content in T4.