The Add a Video module allows you to add a large format video to a page. 

A screenshot shows the add a video content type as it appears on

To add the Add a Video content type to a page, fill out the following fields:

Name: Name the piece of content. This will help you recognize the piece of content in TerminalFour. The name of the piece of content will not show up on the website.

Vimeo number: Add the Vimeo ID to this field. This pulls a high-resolution image in as the video's thumbnail. The Vimeo ID is the bolded number in the Vimeo video URL:

YouTube ID: Add the YouTube ID to this field. Our website only supports videos hosted on YouTube. The YouTube ID is the bolded string after "v=" in the YouTube video URL:

Caption: Add a descriptive caption.

Once you have filled in the appropriate fields within the content type, click Save and approve at the bottom of the page to make the content live.

A .gif shows how to save and approve a piece of content in T4.