Explore Creating Accessible Webpages

The simplest way to ensure your information is accessible is to put that information on an EVMS webpage and follow EVMS' styles.

EVMS' website is built on code that Web Technologies administrators have set up to ensure that major elements of webpages (e.g., color contrast, functionality) pass accessibility requirements. If moderators follow the templates provided by TerminalFour's content types, many of these elements will already be accessible as soon as they appear on the website.

However, there are a number of responsibilities for groups across campus to consider surrounding accessibility.

Accessibility responsibilities

Content moderators

Content moderators are responsible for components of the accessibility of webpages, including, but not limited to:

  1. Page titles
  2. Text
  3. Headings
  4. Links
  5. Images

T4 administrators and web application/social media admins

Administrators and users responsible for web applications and social media are responsible for the accessibility of components of webpages, social media pages and web applications, including, but not limited to:

  1. Videos - live and pre-recorded (captioning)
  2. Graphs
  3. Tables
  4. Forms
  5. Calendars and events
  6. Text size
  7. Contrast

T4 administrators

Administrators are responsible for the accessibility of components of webpages, including, but not limited to:

  1. Breadcrumbs
  2. Maps
  3. Directory
  4. Lightboxes
  5. Carousels
  6. Accordion functionality
  7. News grid functionality
  8. Section dividers
  9. Animations
  10. Navigation
  11. Search functionality