Some users rely on a keyboard to navigate through webpages. In documents, the keyboard is often used to navigate links, annotations and form fields in a PDF. Therefore, a document's tab order must be consistent with the structure of the document.

To fix the tab order automatically, right-click "Tab Order" on the Accessibility Checker panel and click "Fix" from the Options menu. This specifies the tab order to follow the document structure.

A user adds a tab order to a PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro's Accessibility tool.

Acrobat's Make Accessible wizard can also be used to automatically set the tab order. If using the Make Accessible wizard, the document must be manually checked to ensure that the wizard correctly tagged all content. Learn more about checking and changing a document's reading order.

A user corrects a PDF's tab order using Adobe Acrobat Pro's Make Accessible wizard.

WCAG requirement: 2.4.3 Focus Order