A document's color contrast must be checked manually. A certain amount of contrast is required for low vision readers:

  • For normal text, WCAG 2.0 requires contrast ratios of 4.5:1 (AA) or 7:1.
  • For large text, WCAG 2.0 requires contrast ratios of 3:1 (AA) or 4.5:1.

There are several tools to help check the color contrast of a PDF:

Document templates

Document templates created by EVMS Marketing and Communications pass color contrast standards. Web Technologies recommends saving these templates on your Microsoft Office applications. To do so, download a template from myPortal and open the document. Click "File" and save the document as a template. 

A user downloads a Word document from myPortal and saves it as a Word template.

For additional information about branding standards, please refer to the EVMS Visual Identity Guide.

Examine a PDF in high contrast view

To view a document in a high contrast color scheme:

  • On a Windows PC, click "Edit" followed by "Preferences" or, if using a Mac, click "Acrobat" followed by "Preferences."
  • Choose the "Accessibility" category.
  • Select "Replace Document Colors," and then select "Use High-Contrast Colors." Choose the color combination that you want from the popup menu, and then click the "OK" button.

The high contrast setting in Adobe Acrobat Pro allows users to see documents in high contrast colors, such as yellow and black.

WCAG requirement: 1.4.3 Contrast (Minimum)