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Dr. Salkey pulls her children behind her as she skates.
Dr. Salkey skates with her children.
Dr. Salkey skates in the rink by herself.
Dr. Salkey's husbands helps their children take off their skates.
Dr. Salkey and her children take off their skates.

Relaxing in the Rink

Roller skating helps faculty member find work/life balance.
Kimberly Salkey
Kimberly Salkey

On campus, Kimberly Salkey, MD (Dermatology Residency ’06), Associate Professor of Dermatology, spends time treating patients and teaching students. Off campus, you might find her rolling around a local skating rink, her children whirling along with her.

How did you get interested in roller skating?

Growing up in Virginia Beach, I have fond memories of elementary-school skating parties as the social events of the year.

It was during that time that I developed basic skating skills and began to appreciate the joy and camaraderie skating can provide.

I took opportunities to go skating with friends during college and medical school. Skating then fell off my radar until about two years ago when I was looking for a fun activity to do with my children on a rainy, cold February afternoon. My husband, two children and I headed to our local roller rink. We had a great time and have been weekly regulars at the Saturday morning session ever since.

What do you enjoy most about it?

I enjoy the freedom that comes with speeding along the rink floor with the wind in my face. That, in addition to the pop music that is pumped into the rink, makes it easy to leave behind all the other concerns on my mind. On top of that, skating provides a great opportunity for my family to be together despite having all different skill levels.

As a personal philosophy, I am a strong believer in work/life balance. Having an outlet to relax my body and mind makes me a better teacher and physician.

What are you most passionate about in your work at EVMS?

I love having the opportunity to educate my patients on a daily basis, in addition to the teaching I do with our residents, medical students and the MPA students. My passion for teaching also extends into my focus on community service, where providing care and education for underserved populations is critical.

Why have you decided to set down roots at EVMS?

Although my educational endeavors have allowed for travel all around the country, there’s no place like home. This area has tons to offer in terms of education and entertainment for my young family. In addition, the genuinely cooperative spirit of EVMS is like no other.