from The President

A survey by Harvard Business Review found that 37 percent of women who work in science, technology, engineering or math — fields collectively known as STEM — have been mistaken for either administrative or custodial staff at least once. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that men who introduced female speakers at grand rounds used their professional titles 49 percent of the time, while women who introduced male speakers used their professional titles 95 percent of the time.

These data are offensive and disturbing by any measure. Academic medicine, EVMS and I can and must do better. At EVMS, we strive to create a culture of inclusiveness, equality and respect. Yet despite our best intentions, unconscious bias is present in all of us. We need to be more self-aware and purposely vigilant.

The accomplished professional women of EVMS, a cross section of whom are featured throughout these pages, have all materially contributed to the success of EVMS, academic medicine and the health professions. As role models and mentors, they have served as leaders in their fields to improve the culture of equality, collegiality, respect and inclusion. We all join them in this goal.

Another JAMA study found that female physicians, on average, work fewer hours than their male physician life partners to maintain better work-life balance. If we are to retain our female leaders and stem the longstanding outflow of women in the academic leadership pipeline, we must embrace changes in the workplace to provide more support and opportunities for developing female leaders. At EVMS, the steps we have taken to address the attrition of these leaders are innovative and multifaceted. Learn more in the feature story.

Soon, I hope, a special edition of EVMS Magazine highlighting women in science, medicine and the health professsions will no longer be necessary. Until that day, please join me in recognizing these world-class leaders for their remarkable contributions to EVMS, our community and their professions.

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