The individuals listed below are not eligible to receive an award in the same category for a period of three to five award cycles (typically a period of 3 to 5 years, depending on the award category). These individuals are, however, eligible to receive an award in any of the other categories.

 Award for Community Service

  • Ms. Morgan Brown
  • Ms. Norine S. Kuhn
  • Mr. Joshua F. Edwards
  • Ms. Lydia Cleveland Sa

Award for Mentoring

  • Ms. Noemi A. Botin
  • Ms. Stephanie A. Davis
  • Ms. Kelly Cox

Award for Excellence

  • Ms. Aimee Bader
  • Ms. Allison G. Gray
  • Ms. Aileen Shafer
  • Ms. Molly Brittain
  • Ms. Ashley Gentry
  • Ms. Valynda Powell
  • Ms. Laura H. Brower
  • Mr. Clarence A. Johnson Jr.
  • Dr. Julie E. Stoner
  • Ms. Elizabeth B. Virok
  • Ms. Nancy W. Lewis
  • Ms. Jennifer R. Pierre
  • Ms. Taylor M. Poston
  • Ms. Laura J. Stone
  • Mr. Brian Main
  • Ms. Amanda Parker
  • Ms. Honeylynn Shoberg
  • Ms. Lisa Stork


The individuals listed below are not eligible to receive the Rising Star Award, Philanthropy Champion Award, or the Award for Outstanding Achievement. They are, however, eligible to receive an award in any of the other categories, provided that they are not on the ineligible lists of the other categories.

Rising Star Award

  • Ms. Lasarian Hall
  • Mr. John Applewhite
  • Ms. Natalie Semmler
  • Mr. D. Hunter Nye
  • Ms. Shannon Dudley
  • Ms. Eileen Little
  • Ms. Laura Thomas
  • Ms. Angela Rich
  • Mr. Clifford Edwards
  • Ms. Lakisha Speller
  • Ms. Kathleen M. Gabana
  • Mr. Richard D. Wambold
  • Ms. Lanore Geter
  • Ms. Missy Kohn
  • Mr. Cory Hooper
  • Ms. Maura Murphy

Philanthropy Champion Award

  • Ms. A. Susan Conner
  • Ms. Jane G. Storer
  • Chief Andrew Mitchell
  • Ms. Therese Raunswinter
  • Mr. Robert Armstrong
  • Ms. Michelle R. Hammer
  • Ms. Drucilla A. Papafil
  • Mr. Jason Azar

Award for Outstanding Achievement

  • Mr. Rick Lowery
  • Ms. Beverly Owens
  • Ms. Deborah Taylor
  • Ms. Connie McKenzie
  • Ms. Kelly Rodeheaver
  • Mr. Ersell Carrow
  • Ms. Helen S. Heselius
  • Ms. Leanne Smith
  • Ms. Christine L. Boswick
  • Mr. Mark R. Babashanian
  • Ms. Allison Gray

Note: Members of the Staff Award Selection Committee are not eligible for these awards while serving on this committee. This listing cites previous award winners and may reflect individuals who are deceased or who may no longer be employed by EVMS.