We are pleased to announce the 2021 EVMS Faculty and Staff Achievement Award nominees.

These individuals were nominated by their colleagues for their exemplary service to EVMS and the community.

This year, award winners will be announced during the 2021 EVMS Faculty and Staff Virtual Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, Nov. 30 at 12 p.m. Mark your calendars to attend this exciting event where we will celebrate the accomplishments of our nominees and reveal the winners of these prestigious awards.

View the list of nominees in the table below.

2021 EVMS Faculty and Staff Achievement Award Nominees

Linda Archer, PhD

Lorie Askew

Marilyn Bartholmae, PhD

Margaret Baumgarten, MD

Joann Bautti, MPA

Linda Chambliss

Candice Cherry

Amanda Clarke, MS

Pamela Cobb

Matthew Cole

Stephanie Davis

Stephen Davis, MD

Celia Denton

Elise DeWitt

Anca Dobrian, PhD

Sunita Dodani, MBBS, PhD

Diane Dougherty, MSEd

Jason Dukes, MD, MBA

Madeline Dunstan, MS

Ismail El Moudden, DSc

Fang Fang, PhD

LaConda Fanning, PsyD

Raynetta Gainey-Booker

Marissa Galicia-Castillo, MD

Vitold Galkin, PhD

Ming-Lei Guo, PhD

Patrick Haggerty, MD

Joseph Han, MD

Rebecca Hastings

Jill Haught

Matthew Herman, MPH

Virginia Hilton

Joel Hilton

Michael Hooper, MD, MSc

David Johnson, MD

Matvey Karpov, MPH

Julie Kerry, PhD

Aurora Kerscher, PhD

Rajasekaran Koteeswaran, MD, MBBS

Michelle Kubricky, MSEd

Laura LaMarre

Steven Lee, MBA

Lorraine Lyman

Thomas Manser, MD

Kelly McCoy, MMHPE

Nathan Michalak, AuD

David Mu, PhD

Erin Neal, MS

Adrian Negrut

Catherine Neighbors, MS

Carter Overton

April Pace, MHSC, MLS

Alyse Parrish

Peggy Pettry, MBA

Kassandra Prasanna, MPH

Barry Rittmann Jr., MD, MPH

Mary Roberts, PhD

Jennifer Ryal, MD

Larry Sanford, PhD, MS

Melissa Scott, MEd

Brynn Sheehan, PhD

Rhonda Shelton

Joshua Sill, MD

Nicola Smith

Sterling Smith

Daniel St. John, PhD

Alena Stewart, MSEd

LaTina Stith

Jennifer Styron, PhD

Erin Suit

Angela Toepp, MS, PhD

Amelia Wallace, MA

Shirlwin Watkins, MSEd

Temple West, MA

Jessica Wilhelm, MSA

Alicia Wolters

Glenn Yap, PhD, MS, MBA