2019 Faculty Awards Ineligibility List


Temporary Ineligibility for 2019*

Award for Community Service
  • Dr. Margarita DeVeciana Haugh
  • Dr. David Lieb
  • Dr. Margaret Morris
Award for Mentoring
  • Dr. Paul Marik
  • Dr. Diane Duffy
  • Dr. Silvina Bocca
Award for Excellence
  • Dr. Rebecca Britt
  • Dr. Elza Mylona
  • Dr. Donald Richardson
  • Dr. Marissa Galicia-Castillo
  • Dr. Woong-Ki Kim
  • Dr. Agatha Parks-Savage
  • Dr. Barbara Cubic
  • Dr. Allison Knight
  • Dr. Thomas Manser
  • Dr. Elena Galkina
  • Dr. Barry Knapp
  • Dr. Robert Palmer
  • Dr. Mark Sinesi

Lifetime Ineligibility**

Rising Star Award
  • Dr. Serina Neumann
  • Dr. Aurora Esquela-Kerscher
  • Dr. Elena Galkina
  • Mr. Geoff Miller
  • Dr. Stephanie Troy
  • Dr. Laurie Wellman
  • Dr. Bryan Carroll
  • Dr. Mily Kannarkat
  • Dr. Jody Boggs
  • Dr. Tina Cunningham
  • Dr. Jessica Burgess
  • Dr. Heather Newton
  • Dr. Carrie Elzie
  • Dr. Xiaoli Zhao
Philanthropy Champion Award
  • Dr. Craig Goodmurphy
  • Dr. Joseph Aloi
  • Dr. Robert Palmer
  • Dr. David Lieb
  • Dr. Julie Kerry
  • Dr. William J. Wasilenko
Award for Outstanding Achievement
  • Dr. Gerald J. Pepe
  • Dr. George L. Wright Jr.
  • Dr. James F. Lind
  • Dr. Anibal A. Acosta
  • Dr. Raymond D. Adelman
  • Dr. Gary L. Schechter
  • Dr. L.D. Britt
  • Dr. Howard W. Jones
  • Dr. Georgeanna S. Jones
  • Dr. Thomas T. Rubio
  • Dr. Roger Perry
  • Dr. Aaron I. Vinik
  • Dr. Arno L. Zaritsky
  • Dr. Ann E. Campbell
  • Dr. Robert P. Archer
  • Dr. Edward C. Oldfield
  • Dr. Leonard Weireter
  • Dr. Leon P. Georges
  • Dr. J. Catesby Ware
  • Dr. C.W. Gowen
  • Dr. Donald W. Lewis
  • Dr. Jean E. Shelton
  • Dr. Alfred Z. Abuhamad
  • Dr. Jerry L. Nadler
  • Dr. J.D. Ball
  • Dr. Sergio Oehninger
  • Dr. Christine Matson
  • Dr. C. Donald Combs
  • Dr. Francis L. Counselman
  • Dr. John W. Harrington
  • Dr. Barry Strasnick

* These faculty are not eligible to receive the award in the same category for a period of three award cycles (typically a period of 3 to 5 years, depending on the award category). These faculty are, however, eligible to receive an award in any of the other categories.

** These faculty are not eligible for the Rising Star Award, Philanthropy Champion Award, or the Award for Outstanding Achievement; however, they are eligible to receive an award in any of the other categories providing they are not on the ineligible lists of the other categories.

Note: This listing cites previous award winners and may reflect individuals who are deceased or who may no longer be employed by EVMS.