Prior Faculty Award Winners (Ineligible for 2021)

The individuals listed below are not eligible to receive an award in the same category for a period of three to five award cycles (typically a period of 3 to 5 years, depending on the award category). These individuals are, however, eligible to receive an award in any of the other categories.

 Award for Community Service

  • Dr. Margarita DeVeciana Haugh
  • Dr. David Lieb
  • Dr. Margaret Morris
  • Dr. Eric C. Feliberti
  • Dr. Jennifer L. Ryal

Award for Mentoring

  • Dr. Silvina Bocca
  • Dr. Deborah H. Damon
  • Dr. Sami G. Tahhan

Award for Excellence

  • Dr. Marissa Galicia-Castillo
  • Dr. Woong-Ki Kim
  • Dr. Agatha Parks-Savage
  • Dr. Barbara Cubic
  • Dr. Allison Knight
  • Dr. Thomas Manser
  • Dr. Elena Galkina
  • Dr. Barry Knapp
  • Dr. Robert Palmer
  • Dr. Mark Sinesi
  • Dr. Donald V. Byars II
  • Dr. Neel K. Krishna
  • Dr. David A. Taylor-Fishwick
  • Dr. Laurie L. Wellman
  • Dr. Diane M. Duffy
  • Dr. B. Mitchell Goodman III
  • Dr. David C. Lieb
  • Dr. Julius O. Nyalwidhe

Prior Faculty Award Winners (Lifetime Ineligibility)

The individuals listed below are not eligible to receive the Rising Star Award, Philanthropy Champion Award, or the Award for Outstanding Achievement. They are, however, eligible to receive an award in any of the other categories, provided that they are not on the ineligible lists of the other categories.

Rising Star Award

  • Dr. Serina Neumann
  • Dr. Aurora Esquela-Kerscher
  • Dr. Elena Galkina
  • Mr. Geoff Miller
  • Dr. Stephanie Troy
  • Dr. Laurie Wellman
  • Dr. Bryan Carroll
  • Dr. Mily Kannarkat
  • Dr. Jody Boggs
  • Dr. Tina Cunningham
  • Dr. Jessica Burgess
  • Dr. Heather Newton
  • Dr. Carrie Elzie
  • Dr. Xiaoli Zhao
  • Dr. A. Brooke Hooper
  • Dr. Julia A. Sharp
  • Dr. Kent K. Lam
  • Dr. Anya Cipi

Philanthropy Champion Award

  • Dr. Craig Goodmurphy
  • Dr. Joseph Aloi
  • Dr. Robert Palmer
  • Dr. David Lieb
  • Dr. Julie Kerry
  • Dr. William J. Wasilenko
  • Dr. Don G. Robison
  • Dr. Hamid R. Okhravi

Award for Outstanding Achievement

  • Dr. Gerald J. Pepe
  • Dr. George L. Wright Jr.
  • Dr. James F. Lind
  • Dr. Anibal A. Acosta
  • Dr. Raymond D. Adelman
  • Dr. Gary L. Schechter
  • Dr. L.D. Britt
  • Dr. Howard W. Jones
  • Dr. Georgeanna S. Jones
  • Dr. Thomas T. Rubio
  • Dr. Roger Perry
  • Dr. Aaron I. Vinik
  • Dr. Arno L. Zaritsky
  • Dr. Ann E. Campbell
  • Dr. Robert P. Archer
  • Dr. Edward C. Oldfield
  • Dr. Leonard Weireter
  • Dr. Leon P. Georges
  • Dr. J. Catesby Ware
  • Dr. C.W. Gowen
  • Dr. Donald W. Lewis
  • Dr. Jean E. Shelton
  • Dr. Alfred Z. Abuhamad
  • Dr. Jerry L. Nadler
  • Dr. J.D. Ball
  • Dr. Sergio Oehninger
  • Dr. Christine Matson
  • Dr. C. Donald Combs
  • Dr. Francis L. Counselman
  • Dr. John W. Harrington
  • Dr. Barry Strasnick
  • Dr. Ronald W. Flenner
  • Dr. O. John Semmes IV
  • Dr. Robert M. Palmer

Note: This listing cites previous award winners and may reflect individuals who are deceased or who may no longer be employed by EVMS.